Residential Products

Outdoor Decking, Indoor Flooring and Garden Works

We started our residential products in small volume for the domestic market. Known for quality, we are ready to ship our Outdoor Decking, Indoor Flooring and Garden Works worldwide. A few select species are available for our global market.

Bangkirai (Yellow Balau) is the primary choice for outdoor products. Bangkirai (Yellow Balau) is hard, stable, and durable. It is able to sustain a constant weather change. In addition to the durability, the yellowish color of the species is attractive on its own.

Keruing (Apitong) is an alternative choice for indoor areas or areas in shade. Though not as weather-proof as Bangkirai (Yellow Balau), Keruing (Apitong) has the better weight to hardness ratio. This makes Keruing (Apitong) a good alternative for wall paneling or ceiling (lower weight = lower structural cost).


Tropideck has been known for quality products. Learn about our Local Brand.

Outdoor Decking

Nothing come close to the green and sustainable attributes wood has as construction and decorative material.

Select from our carefully picked hardwood range for your outdoor use, each with its own distinct characteristics, manufactured through a delicate drying and moulding process to ensure years of beautiful living spaces.

Indoor Flooring

Nothing compares to the character and ambience solid wood flooring brings to your living space.

Through quality craftsmanship and our pursuit of perfection, we’re proud to offer our new range of solid wood floorings – unrivalled in terms of luxury, strength, versatility, stability, and quality.

Garden Works

For many centuries, timber has been one of the main members in our garden. As a natural product, timber fits very well in any style of garden. 

We manufacture assorted garden works such as Fences, Decks, Poles / Beams, as well as Garden Shed Components.

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