Why Finger Joint Product?


The relatively shorter wood pieces used in finger joint system has better stability, and free from bending or cupping problems.


State of the art adhesive creates joints that are stronger than the wood itself.

The finger joint system permits maximization of the yield from different wood qualities. This results in a more homogeneous product, and therefore stronger than solid wood.


The finger joint system maximizes the utilization of the wood to the shorter length pieces, resulting in less waste, and thus greener products.

Why Finger Joint by Buana Triarta?

Advanced machinery

Our Finger Joint (FJ) machine is a brand new, customized system from Miraitech, an internationally recognized wood working machinery manufacturer specialized in Finger Joint. 

Our FJ machine is capable of producing a final product with the length up to 12 meter. This is specialized for Truck Deck, Truck Floor, or Trailer Deck. 

Our FJ machine has one-by-one assembler system. This system joins each pieces one-by-one and delivers a more consistent pressure on each jointed parts as compared to the more common, end-joint assembler system. 

Our FJ machine has double spindles shaper for each side. Compared to the common single spindle system, the double spindles distribute the cutting (finger shaping) into 2 sets of blades. This means less stress on each blade, better maintained blade and therefore overall better quality and better precision of the fingers.

This is especially more effective for bigger and thicker products, such as Truck Deck, Truck Floor, or Trailer Deck.

High quality (and proper) adhesive

Taking our production seriously, we use a high quality glue from Oshika corporation, a well established adhesive manufacturer from Japan. 

On top of that, we choose the proper type of glue for the right wood species. We use Resorcinol glue for Keruing timber. Resorcinol is a structural glue (stronger than B4/D4 level). It will hold (oily) Keruing together, even for outdoor usage.

Regular laboratory test

To ensure the quality and strength of our finger joint products, we do not only do a visual inspection, but also a laboratory test. Furthermore, we will do this laboratory test regularly to ensure quality is maintained.

Overall high quality products

With our advanced machinery, proper adhesive, regular laboratory test, as well as dedication and good production control, we are certain that the quality of our products will be even higher. Our products will be more precise and stronger. 

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