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Timber is Good, Timber is Green!

Regulated in the right way, Timber is one Greenest and Eco-Friendliest materials the earth provides.


Our mission is to become a leader in Indonesian Timber Industry specialized in Keruing for Truck Deck, Truck Floor, Trailer Deck and Truck Components by having zero defect and zero delay on delivery.

Established in Indonesia, Buana Triarta is a Tropical Hardwood Manufacturer with integrated facilities including Saw Mill, Kiln Dry, Moulding, along with a 12-meter-long Finger Jointing machinery. Our plant processes Keruing (Apitong) and Bangkirai (Yellow Balau) Timber with each species having their own product-focuses, namely Truck Deck, Truck Floor, Trailer Deck and Truck Components, other Industrial Products, as well as Residential Products

As a Tropical Hardwood Manufacturer, Buana Triarta is committed to being a responsible Wood Working Industry. We ensure and source our raw materials from Legal SVLK Certified concessions and suppliers only. Traceability of timber materials at any stage of production is one key point we uphold. We believe when regulated in the right way, Timber is one Greenest and Eco-Friendliest materials the earth provides. 

Throughout our history since 1995, our focus has been sourcing and processing the right timber, with the right quality, for the right customers. With the solid growth of our business, we started to serve international customers in 2011. Whilst our market reach grew globally, we have streamlined our timber species as well as our products. This enables us to focus and better maintain the high standard of our production quality.

In addition to species and product focuses, our plant is well equipped with cutting-edge machinery and adequate human resources. The production process from raw materials into a premium quality product is executed in professional manner with international standard. 

With this experienced team, you can be confident to get the right products you deserve, at the right time.

Global Market

Global Market Buana Triarta

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